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Fight Easy Fightwear Fully Endorses this worthwhile cause
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G.F.P.C Global Fights Protecting Children are a non-profit organisation

About GFPC:
GFPC are trained fighters from every fighting background .
Standing as one global unit for the protection of abused children .
We train children in mixed martial arts , kenpo , boxing , grappling , bjj , all forms of combat sports We always aim to empower the children , teaching them respect , confidence , integrity , discipline , hope , and honour.. Also we provide a safe and trusted environment so we can talk to the children about child abuse .. Knowledge is prevention , prevention is knowledge !.. We "never" treat abuse as a cloak and dagger Taboo subject ..
Our future goals are to have awareness classes brought into schools.
We will also be pushing for our mixed martial arts to become part of the national curriculum as Physical education is ,.. This would benefit both students and teachers , bringing maturity and discipline into school .. We support the abused through there court cases by attending there court cases for support ( So they feel "very protected" ) Whilst attending court with them , we share advice , mentor , and most of all showing our children they are not alone . We put on and attend rallies , seminars , marches , tournaments , fights , concerts , exhibitions.. We make our presence felt on a daily basis on the streets , handing out leaflets , flash mobs , up to date information , also handing out other organisations details .. Our organisation is tackling abuse first hand , we also go door to door raising awareness.
The bottom line is G.F.P.C. Are here to help our nation and all nations see that the actions of placed upon our children will no longer be tolerated!.
No one is above justice . We will fight with you from the lowest creatures on our streets , to the abusers right at the very top of our society.
We are actively ( through petitions ) trying to make our governments realise that the sentencing regarding abuse needs to be re~evaluated A.S.A.P. The current laws are complete madness !
We are hear to help everyone , no matter your religion , race , colour or creed .. Thank you for all showing the strength and honour of true warriors
Shane bryant / mixed martial artist / father / founder`director of
Global fighters protecting children ( g.F.P.C. )

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